February 15, 2011

Changing It Up

Our home is simply decorated, in a style we enjoy.  It might be nice to have an endless supply of holiday or home decorations, but we do not.  Instead, I use and reuse whatever trinkets we have to create 'new' centerpieces or decorations that fit the current celebration, holiday, or season.  Sometimes, it is a challenge to find suitable containers or elements to create the look I desire, but I do so enjoy 'dressing up' our home for the seasons without having to spend a lot of money.  Today, I thought I would share two recent creations.

Since the children enjoyed this Christmas time breakfast table centerpiece,

I decided to reuse some of the elements to add a wintry scene to our dining room.

Later, for a fun February table centerpiece I combined elements from two special days.  By reusing the candles from the snow themed birthday party centerpiece

and these from our 100th day of school celebration,

I created a new centerpiece to grace our table.

The whimsy of this centerpiece makes it my current favorite.
How about you?  Do you change the decorations in your home for each season and holiday, or do you prefer a consistent look throughout the year?

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  1. We have a few seasonal decorations that the children enjoy taking out each year. I find these after the specific holiday on super sale! :-) Some holidays we don't do decorations, rather some sort of tradition. For example, on St. Patrick's Day, we make Green Eggs & Ham and read the Dr.Seuss book! :D

    Very smart to rearrange and use things over! :)


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