January 26, 2011

A Snow Themed Party

The years slide by without an end.
Time trickling through the holes of life.
We know not what tomorrow brings for her,
but this past Saturday we chose to celebrate all that she has been to us,
and all that she will become in His timing and His will.

Our daughter chose a snow theme with a palette of blue, purple, and white, for her birthday party, and this is our family's expression of...

A Snow Themed Birthday Party

With a snow themed birthday party, decorations were easy to find and make after Christmas.
These snowflakes were draped about our dining room chandelier.

The table centerpieces were created from a few supplies we had on hand.

There were a few Christmas ornaments that I used for the party,

and snowflakes I cut out and hung on the tree that stood in the corner.

And, her birthday banner was made to look like warm mittens hanging on a laundry line.  The mittens were made from paper supplies, felt, and foam.  Those are actual clothespins and laundry line.

Our party was held during the afternoon with a lunch served. 
We opted to serve bowls of chili with white and blue corn chips, accompanied by a fruit salad (blueberries, purple grapes, and pears).  Beverages included blue punch or clear soda with blue ice cubes.

Party activities included make your own snowman.
...both a crafted snowman to take home (these were made from a craft foam kit)

and an edible one to eat at the party.  Graham crackers served as a foundation, marshmellows for the body, pretzel sticks for stick arms, orange candies for the carrot nose, chocolate candies for buttons, eyes, and mouths, and a peanut butter cup for a hat.  Icing served as the 'glue' to hold it all together. 

Party games like 'Place the Button on the Snowman' and 'Snowball Toss.' 
The snowman in the picture is made from a plain white poster and consturction paper.  My daughter and I made it one afternoon.  She also created small 'buttons' of paper cut into a circle shape and labeled each one with each child's initials.  When the game was played, each child had a personalized button to try to affix to the missing button spot on the snowman.    
The snowball toss game used small, white balloons for snow balls and a blue crate as a goal.

And, each child left with a party favor, a bag of goodies to remember the occasion. 
The individual bags we were able to find on clearance after Christmas, and we created the tags from paper supplies we had at home.  They were filled with snowflake shaped lollipops and other candies.

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  1. Lovely birthday decorations all around!

  2. Fantastic ideas for a winter party! Everything was very cute. :)

  3. Such a cute party idea! I love it. Thanks for your kind comment the other day. I love your blog. Take care!

  4. What a great idea. I love it. I may use this idea with my tastefully simple parties for a theme. Take a look at my Blog and you'll see that today we fit right in with your party theme here at my humble abode. : )

  5. Everything looks so adorable and fun! Great job putting it all together. Hope the celebration was awesome for you all.

  6. Wow, indeed you've got a very creative daughter.. What an art! Send my belated birthday greetings to your angel.

  7. I believe the kids enjoyed the party.

  8. What a wonderful party! I love the theme - perfect for a winter birthday :)

  9. So beautiful! As your daughter grows, she certainly can't miss the message that you cherish her. And how will she not cherish a heavenly Father who gave her to such a great family!


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