January 28, 2011

Snow Day

Somewhere between 8 to 12 inches of snow fell at two different times on Wednesday.  In between, rain fell making the snow heavy and difficult to remove, but it looked beautiful clinging to the trees and bushes.  Yesterday, neighbors helped one another clear driveways, and enjoy some of the benefits to heavy, wet snow... making better snow balls and taller snow men!  Until this last snow fall, our snow had been more dry with less accumulation and we could only make short snowmen and fluffy snow balls.

Three of our children with their snowman; photograph credit ~ the Drummer


  1. we have been having a lot of snow over here too, lots of white fluffy goodness to look at :-)

  2. Dorie,

    Nice snowman! The other picture, with the snow clinging to the tree branches is quite pretty as well as amazing to me. I don't get snow where I live, so snow, in general, is amazing to me, ha! :)

    -Lady Rose

  3. What a neat snowman! I love your winter pictures. We have no winter to speak of here. :)

  4. That is one fantastic snowman!!! It's huge!!! We've mainly had 'dry' fluffy snow, too. Glad you were able to get good snowball/man making snow - that's what makes it all so fun! :)

  5. Great pictures...we got some also..not that much, but a lot for us...I know your kids are enjoying it..have fun!


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