January 31, 2011

A Heart of Gratitude

My youngest daughter colored this heart years ago.  Long before she was crafting on her own, a Sunday school teacher helped her make this heart.  I am sure it was related to their lesson, but none of us remember the specific lesson of that day.  What we remember is the kindness of her Sunday school teacher, the investment this woman made into the lives of her students, and the prayers that she offered up to the Lord for her students and her students families.  These heart felt words, prayers to our Everlasting God, are being answered throughout the years as my daughter learns and grows.  Today, this heart hangs in our dining room.  A reminder of the community of believers who reinforce what my husband and I teach our children and uphold us in prayer.  A community of believers for which I am eternally grateful.

Another community of believers expressing gratitude to our Lord can be found at A Holy Experience each Monday for Multitudes on Monday, a place where many ladies lift up their praises and gratitude together.

...continuing my gratitude list...

231.  Sunday school teachers who invest in the lives of their students and their students' families with encouragement, support, and prayers

232.  balloons and the joy they bring little ones

233.  piano books that help my daughter learn to play the piano (lessons are currently not in the budget)

234.  playing hide-n-seek inside

235.  children dressing up and playing pretend

236.  limitations that allow boundaries in my life

237.  having to say 'no' to some good things that allows me to say 'yes' to the better and best things

238.  heavy snow falls that enable us to build larger snow men (lately, it has been the light fluffy snow, but this past week we had a snow and rain mixture that made great snow men and snow balls)

239.  completing most of the mid-year school meetings (today is the last one), and the favorable outcomes of each one thus far

240.  time spent with other moms, helping one another in fellowship

241.  a large, local homeschool support group (I never realized how unique it is, until a mom who moved from out of state into this area commented...)

242.  time and ability to participate in two co-ops: a weekly science co-op and a twice a month 'extra' classes co-op (art, music, creative writing, etc)

243.  a whole class devoted to teaching painting to elementary aged students at co-op

244.  the women who helped set up and clean up after that whole time spent teaching painting class at co-op

245.  dinosaur cut out sandwiches and the joy it brings my youngest

246.  excitement of the children when my husband divided up his childhood baseball card collection and gave them each their own portion

247.  trying a new sewing project (attempting to 'quilt' doll blankets for my daughters and nieces ~ well, that is the plan...)

248.  laughter accompanying this project as I have no clue how to properly piece, sew, and quilt, but I had the materials on hand, an idea I wanted to try, and a sewing machine...

249.  looking through art appreciation books with my youngest ~ we found a 'new to us' one at the library

250.  the genuine interest and appreciation of paintings my youngest has

...and so it continues...


  1. Wonderful list!! We don't homeschool (yet, although, I feel like it is in our future for at least one of my children) but I have several friends who do, and I will be blessed to have their guidance if we start down that path. :)

    Glad to have found your blog through Ann's site:)


  2. Pretend play is the best we love it over here :-)

  3. Your snowman is beautiful. An involved homeschool group is a blessings!

  4. Visiting from Ann's...what a great snowman!

  5. Wonderful list! Your blog name always catches my eye!! These ARE grace filled days of our lives...we need His grace so much!! :)


  6. 237. having to say 'no' to some good things that allows me to say 'yes' to the better and best things

    AMEN!! I need to do this more often!

    Stopping over from Holy Experience... Blessings...

  7. Dorie,

    From your gratitude list, the one that stood-out for me the most was #237. I think that's a challenge for most of us, but one we all need to learn.

    I have been enjoying reading your gratitude lists. Maybe one day, I shall participate in them in the future.

    -Lady Rose

  8. 236. Yes, I think it was Elisabeth Elliot that said it's the boundaries that give us freedom. I think that's true.




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