February 7, 2011

Special to Us

Last year, when my husband turned 35, I surprised him with
out of town family visitors
for the weekend!
And, I had the honor of hosting and cooking a large birthday meal for him.
We had a wonderful weekend celebrating and spending time together.
This past week, we celebrated his birthday again,
but this year was a bit quieter...just the 6 of us.

No surprise visitors and no elaborate dinners...just a simple home cooked meal made with love.
We ate, laughed, and talked.
The children presented their hand made cards and gifts,
sentiments he will keep through the years to come.
In some ways, I felt bad that I hadn't made an elaborate celebration for him this year, but
as we sat together, I knew what meant the most to him wasn't the way we celebrated, elaborate or simple,
it was just that we celebrated.
Making this day, his birthday, a special day in our lives,
because he is special to us. 

As I continue to count daily these 'One Thousand Gifts,' I realize I am blessed three times over...
once by the gift itself, once by the remembrance, and once by sharing it with you!  
Every week, a community of grateful ladies share their blessings at A Holy Experience,
and you, too, are invited to join in praising Him from whom all blessings flow.
If you do, then perhaps you will feel blessed many times over by each gift as well. 

...continuing my gratitude listing...

#251 to 255.  my husband's...

job that enables me to stay home with the children

hard work ethics

shepherding and leading of our family

tenderness and love for each one of us in our family

support of homeschooling and willingness to help whenever and however he can

256.  my daughter helping her youngest brother make a card and gift for their daddy

257.  sisters playing dolls together

258.  brothers playing with a domino set

259.  warm sunlight shining through the kitchen window warming  my face as I wash dishes

260.  little boys wearing hats

261.  brothers learning to protect their sisters

262.  warm slippers for little feet

263.  my cousin's safe return from Afghanistan...she will be reunited with her husband and children before next week

264.  visiting with a close friend and starting our plans for our annual spring trip to a state homeschool convention

265.  jovial comments and good natured teasing between friends about Super Bowl teams

266.  real progress on the upstairs bathroom remodel

267.  taking a shower in a 'real' shower with 'normal' walls

268.  love of our church family for us and our children

269.  genuine conversations between younger and older generations

270.   heartfelt compliments about our children

271.   ordering out for dinner

272.   watching the Super Bowl with my family (go Green Bay!)

273.  looking forward to upcoming weekend plans including dinner with friends and a separate date night with my husband

274.  children learning how to do more in the kitchen, helping to make simple meals

275.  more relaxed mornings


  1. How marvelous to start a day filled with gratitude and blessings!

  2. I just noticed X Gracious Remarks. You are so clever!

    Happy birthday, Drummer!

    You have much to be thankful for...I enjoying reading each one every week!

  3. I’m visiting from Ann’s today.

    The thing about a birthday celebration is the LOVE – you clearly have that. God smiles :)

    And I’m with you on what the counting does – it does it for me too.

    My faves from your gratitude list:

    257. sisters playing dolls together (they will always have each other)
    269. genuine conversations between younger and older generations (that’s what the Bible says we should do – I heart that you have listed this)

    Thank you for sharing these

    God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.


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