January 20, 2011

Time to Celebrate

A major milestone occurred Tuesday.
Well, perhaps not major...minor, maybe?

A milestone of some degree for us, none the less...
We reached our 100th day of school for this school year!

Each school year, during January, our 100th school day occurs.
Sometimes, we chose to wait until the very end of the school year for a celebration,

but other years, when the academics have been tough, or we need a little encouragement, or we just want an excuse to have cake, then we celebrate 100 days.

This year, I think maybe we just wanted cake! 

Then again, a little encouragement goes a long way.

A brief explanation: In our state, we must account for 180 days of school per school year.
It is such a small number compared to a calendar year. 
180 days is not even half of a calendar year of 365 days, or 366 in a leap year, but who's counting? 
Me,...I have to for their schooling!

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  1. A great reason for celebration!

    Did you have ten sets of ten items on the table for goodies, or was it just good ol' goodies?

  2. AHHH I want cake!!! Our former public school celebrated 100 days as well.. and funny that it tied in with Dr. SUess day!. Beautiful table! I would like to celebrate at that pretty table!

  3. We're at 90 today and I'm so looking forward to our big 100 celebration, too. Not sure what I'll surprise them with yet, but those cupcakes look absolutely yummy!

  4. Congrats! What a great reason to celebrate...with cake. :)

  5. Dorie,

    You are such a sweet mommy to have a 100th home school celebration! Those cupcakes and cookies looked great! I wish I could have reached through the computer screen and taken a cookie! :)

    As far as the counting goes, you only have 80 more days to count and then, you don't have to worry about THEM wanting their 180 day quota! :)

    -Lady Rose


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