February 16, 2011

Gaining Perspective

They hang on my refrigerator.  These words forming questions that I ask myself as I live the moments of my life.  Questions I need to ask daily.  They aren't mine.  I might have editted and personalized one slightly, but the main ideas and thoughts behind them are someone else's from a book that I cannot remember.  Yet, I have adopted them as mine.  Mine to ask myself within the specifics of my own life and time.  I use them regularly to gain perspective.  This is what I read:

Does God think this task is beautiful?  Does this task have a postive eternal significance?
and I stop, pondering, answering these questions of truth...always comparing my answer to God's wisdom and His direction for my life, making sure they align.  Then, I act, spending these moments of my life and time, chosing and doing, forging a path that only I could live, because it is mine...knowing each day adds words and time to the story becoming my life's story.

A Life's Story

Lines, curved and straight,
making letters
into words
read in sentences,
stating, commanding,
declaring, and questioning,
forming paragraphs in books
~ a story.

Seconds ticking,
counting minutes
every hour
of every day,
forming years
and decades in a life
~ a lifetime.

becoming thoughts, 
making decisions,
turning into actions,
forming a path in life
~ a life story.

your life story, my life story.


The two questions are from a book that I no longer remember the title or author.
If anyone can help me by supplying either, I would greatly appreciate it, and give the author credit.
The poem, however, is one I wrote while composing this post.  It is meant to accompany my words in the post.

This post has been shared at Walk With Him Wednesday at A Holy Experience.
This week's topic is 'The Spiritual Discipline of Time.'


  1. Love the way you said that you are comparing your answered to God standard, we often look to te world for our base of standard but it's so wrong to do so!

    Love the poem it's beautiful

  2. Could I copy that beautiful poem??? WEll done and a great reminder to me... Thank you!

  3. Good questions to ask ourself often. Helps us to keep focused on what is truly important - seeking the kingdom. (Matthew 6:33) Wonderful post!

  4. Dorie,

    I like your idea of having questions on your refrigerator that you can ask yourself on a daily basis, to make sure that whatever you are doing, you are doing for the glory of God. It's always helpful to put our life in God's perspective and not ours.

    Also, your poem is great! I enjoyed reading it. :)

    -Lady Rose

  5. Absolutely beautiful writing!!!

    Thank you for coming by my place and leaving your kind encouragement today.

  6. What wonderful words - and such a great place to put them! Thanks for sharing!

  7. beautiful~thanks for sharing!!


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