February 17, 2011

Finally Using the New Pitcher

You may remember a short time ago, I had a wonderful opportunity from CSN Stores to review a product from one of their 200+ on line stores.  At that time, I was deciding which pitcher to order.  Every comment was very helpful, and I appreciate your assistance.  You definitely helped make my decision easier.  In the end, I chose a Le Creuset 3-Quart Sangria Pitcher in cobalt blue, placed the order, and waited. 

Le Creuset PG1090-1130 - 3-Quart Sangria Pitcher in Cobalt Blue
 product photo courtesy of CSN Stores

Several weeks later, the pitcher arrived.  When I began to open the box, I became concerned as there was only minimal packaging materials, but the pitcher was in excellent condition.  It was, however, a slightly different shade of blue than I was expecting.  The description states "cobalt blue," but to me, the color appears to be more purplish-blue at the top and gradually darkens to a cobalt blue at the bottom.  I was not expecting as much variation in the coloring, but it was a pleasant surprise.  I liked the pitcher instantly. 

Taking it out of the box I could not decide where to put it or when to use it.  So, I set it on my kitchen counter, and left it there for two weeks!  Yes, for two weeks I walked past it, picked it up, admired it, and wondered when to use it.  In a way, I was apprehensive to use something so pretty.  I thought I would break it by washing it or using it, and then, my beautiful pitcher would be gone. 

Absurd, I know. 

Then, one Saturday morning, our oldest son got out a container of milk from the refrigerator and it slipped from his hand...


The milk container cracked.  Milk was leaking, and I needed to salvage the usable milk left in the container.  I grabbed a clean plastic pitcher, poured the milk into it, and finished setting the breakfast table.

As final preparations were being made, I noticed how ridiculous it was.  Here on our breakfast table sat an ordinary, old pitcher, and over on the counter was a beautiful, new pitcher waiting to be used.  I quickly washed it, and transferred the milk. 

Turns out this ample sized pitcher is fabulous for serving milk, water, and anything else.  The pitcher is sturdy, but a bit heavy for some of our younger children to lift.


For those interested: Many different Le Creuset products, like mortar and pestle sets, tea kettles, stock pots, casserole dishes, and serving pieces, are also available at the CSN Stores.

Thank you CSN Stores for this review opportunity. 
In exchange for my honest review, I was partially compensated for the cost of this product. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I LOVE Le Crueset, and that pitcher would look fab in my new kitchen.

  2. I didn't think it was absurd!! But then, some might think I'm a bit different...


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