October 29, 2010

Esther & Job

As you may already know, I am reading my way straight through the Bible.  I am learning so much and would encourage anyone to try it.
This week, I have read through both Esther and Job.  (Esther is located right before Job in the Bible.)  I was struck by the similarities and differences of these two books.  I picked just five to share with you, and I have listed them below.

Esther...                                                                                Job...
1. orphaned                                                           1. loses family
2. primped and pampered                                         2. physically suffers
3. marriage:                                                           3. marriage:
respects husband, humbles self to him                          wife tells him 'to curse God and die'
4. the book never mentions the Lord by name              4. talks to the Lord one on one
5. counseled wisely by Mordecai                                5. counseled unwisely by three friends

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  1. When I read them back to back I did not see those. WOW!


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