October 29, 2010

Little Car, Little Driver

Academic lessons were completed,
the rain had stopped,
and the yard was somewhat dry.
It was finally time to get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air.

My youngest son decided it was time to learn to drive.
First, he wanted a helmet.
Next, he loaded some cargo for his trip.
Then, into the car he went.
His drive out of the garage was a bit precarious.

A few bumps...

and near misses occurred.

However, he did well on open straight aways,

and not so bad on parking.

That night, as my son's prayer was...

"Dear Lord,
Thank you for my family, my day,
and Lord, please make me big soon
so I can drive a big car of my own."

Followed by a few words from me,
"Not yet, please Lord."


  1. To make you feel a wee bit better, M tells me she IS grown up...and wants to get married.

    Great post!

  2. Very Cute! Thanks so much for linking up with The Homeschool Village yesterday!

  3. JDaniel will need many miles on his Cozy Coupe before he is ready to get on the road in a real car. I love that he wore a helmet.


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