December 4, 2014

Simple Autumn Centerpiece

Technically, it is still autumn. While we are celebrating the Christmas season, the actual season is fall, not winter. Sure, that all changes in a couple of weeks right before Christmas Day, but right's fall. That's my disclaimer for sharing this easy-to-make, frugal, but clearly Thanksgiving-like autumn centerpiece in the midst of the Christmas season.

It all started with these gold leaves. My mom had seen the idea in a magazine or on a tv show. You simply gather leaves and spray paint them gold. The gold leaves could then be used to decorate your Thanksgiving day table. She planned to do this with the grandchildren during a recent visit to their home.

After the visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house, our children brought a small pile of gold leaves home with them. The shimmer of the leaves was beautiful and our children wanted to put them on display in their rooms and on our dining room table. Since I had been wanting to add an autumn centerpiece to our table, I encouraged both ideas.

Using a wooden tray, two leaf candles, which had been bought off the clearance rack, wax paper, and the golden leaves, we created a simple autumn centerpiece.

First we lined the wooden tray with wax paper, and placed the candles on top. The children then gingerly positioned each leaf 'just so,' and viola, we were done. A simple-to-make autumn centerpiece graced our table for a few weeks...until the Christmas decorations appeared.
~ Dorie

Reminder: Do not light candles around dry leaves.

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