September 17, 2014

Family Pictures

Scrolling...I was going to say thumbing, but that would not have been accurate. I'm about two years behind on printing photographs! So, let's go with scrolling.

Scrolling through our family photos, I realized I was nicely cropped out most of the shots. It really wasn't intentional. I just happened to always be the one taking the photos. I was determined to change that. After all, I wouldn't want my children to have to wonder what mom looked like while they were growing up.

This was several months ago.

Since then I have had many opportunities to test my determination. It has been a growing experience for me to be on the other side of the lens, but ever so important. I want photos of me for my children and their children. Plus who really wants to be excluded from the family photos? Certainly not I.

The only catch to all of this, is that someone else has to take a turn taking the photographs and being excluded from group shots. My husband and oldest son have been graciously taking turns with me, photographing our family's memories.

Yet, we had no photos of our whole family together. {Which of course, I wanted!}

While at the lake, my sweet sister-in-law agreed to take some photos of our family! We are ever so grateful to her and to have these lovely shots.

~ Dorie


That's me with my beautiful family!

*Photos in this post were taken by my sweet sister-in-law. Boat is not ours...but one could hope...


  1. Wow, your youngest is so tall!! Though really, they all are. I need to be in more photos, too.

    1. Or maybe I am so short :-) Funny how fast they seem to grow...sometimes it seems like overnight they grew an inch or two.


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