September 15, 2014

Frugal Living Series: Clothing

What finds! What deals! Our arms were loaded with too many to count jeans, athletic pants, and skirts. We headed to the try on rooms, only to discover they were closed for renovations.

We turned, bewildered. What to do?

A line was forming near the bathrooms. Were these make-shift try on rooms. We hurried over to see. Indeed, women were trying on clothes in the bathrooms! er, should I say, bathroom. Yep, one bathroom equated one try on room. We waited, arms full.

Finally, the bathroom was empty. My two girls and I hustled in and made do. We tried on our armful of clothing and sorted through what fit and what didn't. Exiting the room, I declared we would not be trying on any more clothing.

Five minutes later, my sweet girls had found a few more pants, but I digress.

We were at the local consignment shop for what was a rare sale. All clothing was on sale with 50% off. This meant that skirts, pants, and yes, even jeans were $2 a piece. I have never  been more thankful to live near a university! {College gals are so kind and generous to donate the latest in fashion to consignment shops.}

We left the store, one and half hours later with 14 pieces {some brand new with tags} for $28.

Aside from the thrift store, we have used the following ideas to find clothing deals:

8 Frugal Ways to Find Clothing:
  1. shop off season - sales abound for off season clothing
  2. shop online - coupons, sales, and no shipping costs do add up to big savings; pay close attention to measurement charts to assure proper fit; know the return policy, just in case
  3. shop clearance - huge savings to be found with a little effort to comb through those clearance racks
  4. shop with a list and stick to it - know what you need and only purchase the needed items
  5. buy classic styles and cuts that look good on you for basic pieces and add fashionable accessories - it is easier and cheaper to switch out the accessories
  6. minimize children's wardrobes - they will grow out of it quicker than you think
  7. consignment, thrift stores, and yard sales (especially in a college town!) are great resources
  8. organize a clothing swap with friends or other moms

~ Dorie

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