March 26, 2013

Easter Egg Treats

Oh, how the children have enjoyed these.
They were fascinated when I first started making them,
and now that they are done, they are chomping to crack them open.
I've been delaying them.
Why, with only one piece of chocolate inside each egg,
wouldn't I let my children have them?
Let me explain...
I had seen the idea online, where all good ideas come from, of course! 
There were no directions, but it looked simple enough.
The pictures implied:
Blow up a balloon,
slip in some candy.
Tie balloon tightly.
Wind thread about the balloon.
Coat thread with stiffener.
Allow to dry.
Pop balloon, remove it,
but leave the candy inside.
Easy, peasy, right?
Something you could do in a few hours.
Yeah, um,
At least it isn't so easy when you are ambitious and use too thick of thread,
and it takes multiple coats of stiffener and days to dry to get sorta stiff.
Or when the balloons while deflating somehow wrap themselves about the candy,
holding it captive until you dismantle the entire egg you have spent days creating
just to free the candy.
Alas, 14 have been made somewhat successfully.
For the record I attempted 18. Yes, that makes four casualties.
So far, I have parted with two for my nieces,
and I am clutching onto the rest.
I'll dole them out as opportunities arise,
and my children will certainly get a good portion of them,
but, well,
I'd really like to make them last for at least the length of time it took to make them. 
~ Dorie


  1. hee hee, that sounds like me trying to do something crafty. love the idea!!!

  2. Love it!

    I wanted to make them for decoration, but didn't have small balloons. Instead I made pompoms...

    Love your yarn!

  3. Too cute...the story and the eggs!

  4. Great story and I love the eggs! I hope all is well, Dorie!

  5. I love it!! Oh my goodness...I would be rationing them out as well!


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