March 25, 2013

Spring Snow

Finally, it fell from the sky.
We haven't seen it in weeks, but welcomed it like an old friend.
We suspended lessons just to experience it,
touch it, and dance in it.
That was one day last week.
Then, today, we were blessed again.
Almost four inches fell.
It was enough for a snow man
and enough for this Narnian scene.
It was enough for a beautiful spring snow
to help the budding flowers burst into color over the next several weeks.
Now, we look forward to a different blessing.
~ Dorie


  1. I just sighed reading this, thinking about all the different blessings the Lord gives us. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your Spring snow.

  2. does something to a person every time. I personally am beyond ready for warm weather, but do enjoy seeing the beauty of the freshly white, fallen snow.

  3. So, so pretty!! I love that you embraced the cold and snow instead of complaining about it like I did. Although, you got more than we did! Here it was just enough to cause gray skies and mush.


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