August 25, 2014

Garden Glimpses

There are things we like about where we live, and there are things which are challenging where we live. It's probably true of everyone. I could list all our challenges, but like I said, it is probably true of most people.

You probably don't want to hear me complain about our less than 1/4 acre property is situated in an area with at least 7 houses qualifying for the next door neighbor title, or the fact that every neighbor with a two story house can see into our back yard despite our privacy fence. And, really when you get right down to it, that's me complaining. Dare I say it: being discontent. Which I hate.

Certainly, I have lived with a lot less and should be more like Paul in saying I can do with or without. For all things I am grateful. And, really I am. But I struggle sometimes. Maybe you don't, but I know, I struggle to be content and not wish for a different lot or situation.

It's during those times of discontentment that I start to count my blessings {seriously!}. This is not a Pollyanna moment or even one that comes easily all the time. It is just the way to combat discontentment - with gratitude. I learned it from Ann. She counts blessings in the now famed One Thousand Gifts. For a little over a year, I counted along with her. I still do, really. I just don't share it here anymore. Except today.

So today, I offer you my gratitude from a piece of property, which is small in size, but abundant in blessings. Right now in this season of summer, I am grateful for:

  • ability and space to have a garden
  • the bravery to grow all but the mint and hyssop from seed
  • spending less than $15 on our garden this year and knowing we have and will reap much more in food
  • living in an area where I can have two goes of cool weather veggies {we can plant in vegetables like peas and lettuce in the spring and late summer - two harvests - what a bounty!}
  • the tasty food which will become a part of our meals, our friends' meals, and maybe even our neighbors'
  • the enclosure my husband made for our garden which keeps out Peter Rabbit {no worries, our sweet little guy is kept away from the garden}
  • a teenage son who every spring turns the garden soil for me
  • an extension to our garden which allows for more cool weather veggies to grow
  • extra pots placed about the back yard which house lavender, spices, and even a cucumber plant
  • bees, butterflies, and birds who visit our backyard because of what we grow
  • new-to-us peppers which grow upside down! {from a friend at church}
  • feeling fresh dirt under my hands and knowing I had a role in growing something my family and others will eat

~ Dorie


  1. love seeing your garden..the deer have eaten al of ours... but there I go complaining..:)

    1. You made me laugh - though I am sorry about the deer...Today, I'm taking on a pesky squirrel who apparently thinks my garden is his buffet. He keeps stealing my tomatoes. Exhale, inhale...{I'm thankful for my son's slingshot...}


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