August 22, 2014

Frugal Utensil Canister

Since I was never sure I really wanted my larger utensils crowding our limited counter space, I never sought a large utensil canister.

However, when my large glass candle burned out, I suddenly had a space. It was really good for nothing else, either a candle or a canister.

Considering I am trying to run a household with frugality in mind, I opted for whichever we had on hand. Larger candles are scarce. Only the Christmas scents are left in the drawer and it isn't Christmas time. I did find a smaller birthday cake scented candle which I thought would work for scent, but it was too small to fill the space on its own.

Only then did I consider a large utensil canister. In doing so, I would be creating a bit of space in one drawer which currently housed the larger utensils. It seemed like a good idea.

What to put them in was the next dilemma. Looking through my house, I sought something I liked which had no other use. I didn't want to empty the container each time I needed it. That seemed silly. In the end, I found a vase of sorts. However, it was too high, and I wasn't completely comfortable placing utensils which were going to be used on food inside a questionably clean surface.

That's when I found a large plastic cup fit nicely inside the vase.

Wedged inside the vase, the plastic cup created the perfect depth for the larger utensils and could be easily kept clean. It was perfect! Did I mention it cost me nothing since I had it on hand?
~ Dorie

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