August 9, 2014

The Perfect Name?

For months now, it has been empty. Waiting. My Drummer husband and oldest son build it last winter in the garage while the snow swirled outside. We had promised the children we would fill it with a fluffy friend after our trip to the lake,

and we did. Less than one week after our return, thanks to the help of my detective parents, who spearheaded a search in their rural area, we found the perfect rabbit for our family.

Now, we just needed the perfect name...

Many were suggested and advocated over the course of 24 hours. Names like Shakespeare, Leonardo, Archimedes, and Einstein were tossed about over the dinner table. Our youngest asked us to name the bunny Fluffy. Much to his displeasure, his suggestion was immediately denied by the other children. As an emotionally charged debate was about to erupt above Grandma's cupcakes, we quickly suggested a family vote.

After a family vote {5 for; 1 against}, meet our bunny:


~ Dorie


  1. Awe.

    Our neighbors are now raising rabbits to sell. We held one for the first time this week. I went home and told Derek just how soft and cuddly they were. Looking forward to meeting Gandolf.

    1. Oh do so bring the kids along to meet him! With your neighbors raising rabbits to sell shall I expect to visit a fluffy friend at your house as well? :-)


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