May 3, 2012

From Peter Rabbit to Mr. McGregor

I used to like Peter Rabbit.
Identifying with the underdog and cheering him on as he evaded Mr McGregor, while reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, were familiar to me.
I loved reading his wild escapades, narrow escapes, and amazing adventures to my children.
Always, we rooted for Peter Rabbit.


I became Mr McGregor.
It happened when a Peter-Rabbit-wanna-be showed up in my garden.

Having moved the entire garden to a new place in the yard, we have worked hard to create a place for a bountiful garden to grow.  Most of the plants were started inside in garden boxes.  They will be moved to the garden as the weather warms.  However, the lettuce seeds were sown with care into the freshly tilled soil.  Anxiously, I awaited the fresh leaves, checking their progress each morning. 

Almost twenty lettuce plants of varying types emerged.  All was well.

Until one morning, I saw a tiny baby bunny munching on my tender new lettuce plants. 
Then, I became Mr. McGregor and wanted to reach for the shovel.
~ Dorie

*No baby bunnies were harmed in the writing of this post, yet.

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  1. LOL - Oh my goodness!! I totally know what you mean :)


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