June 20, 2012

When the Rain Pelts You Raw

Wind pushes rain sideways into glass panes
as the call comes through.
Another suicide attempt,
another rush to the hospital.

Her voice cracks concern,
too far away to touch.
My heart reaches to cross
the miles separating us,
and I break into tears.

The whys I don't understand.

Rain pelts harder,
drumming vibration,
a pounding beat echoes my heart.
Knees bend
hitting the cool hard floor.
Bodies bent in painful sorrow.
Heads touch linoleum
amongst scattered breakfast crumbs.

A room hours ago filled with laughter and hopes
as syrup passed hands,
now echos groaning and lamentations
as tears fall.

The whys I don't understand.

Thunder rumbles, rain pelts. 
Day turns dark.
Oh Lord, please not again,
not another death of one so young -
please no.

The sky weeps rain,
flooding the patio and yard.
Words spoken in torrent.
Tears fall freely
A life hangs in jeopardy.

The whys I don't understand.

Rain subsides,
drops fall, splashing puddles,
circles ripple outward,
quaking the stillness.
One drop shakes the entire puddle.
~ Dorie

An explanation: Due to the nature of this poem, I should explain to readers that the person in question, is alive and well today.  This particular poem was written a long time ago, but time and life have a way of softening the emotional blows.  Today, I share this with a humble heart, knowing though we all don't face the same problems, we all face this kind of gut wrenching pain at some point in our lives.

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  1. Oh, the questions of *why*.

    Thank you for this - such an honest piece of your heart!

  2. Thanks be to God. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a hard place to be. You honored it, I believe, here with your words. I'm glad to hear there was healing for this person and thank you for sharing.

  4. we do all find that pain...in our own ways...seeing young ones hurt...def pings my spirit...ugh...so many things we will never know the answer to either....

  5. the imagery you've presented here is so vivid. beautifully done.
    thanks for sharing your heart.

  6. The beauty of words to release the pain of life, the fears of the unknown - you did such a beautiful job - thank you for sharing.


  7. I would venture to say that the lack of spirituality, the rise of secularism and the break down of the extended family and community is responsble for a lot of suicides. People are lonely,are not special to anyone and thus despair. Our world is not in great shape.

  8. One drop shakes the entire puddle...so very true. Such a well written piece...I can feel your emotion.

    Thank you for you comment on my blog. I have been humbled by the comments today.


  9. this makes me ache. oh, for a world in which no one dreamed of death.


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