June 18, 2012

Together on Tuesdays - Week 1

Today is our very first link-up for Together on Tuesday!  Do you want to join us?  We'd love it if you did.  Just write a post, or link to a past one, which introduces yourself.  Add a text link to either This Simple Home or These Grace Filled Days, and then add your post to the link-up below. 

Since I didn't want to tell you about my pet snake,* I decided to do a different kind of introductory post.

What I wanted to be when I grew up...in chronological order

  • a gnome {I was in kindergarten}
  • a construction worker, just like my dad
  • a writer {I even wrote and 'published' my own book - The Stinkiest Skunk}
  • a veternarian
  • a doctor or a nurse {then I realized I was squimish around blood}
  • a mathmetician {no blood there!}
  • architect
  • artist
  • juvenille correction officer
  • librarian

Now, when I think about 'what I'd like to be when I grow up' {aka what I'd like to do, Lord willing, with the rest of my life} I think of the blessing of being a wife and mother.  The Lord has certainly been gracious to me.  I also think about photography and writing.  For now, I do that here on this blog.  How those two interests change in the future is all in the Lord's hands and timing, and I wait on Him and His direction.
~ Dorie

*During college, my husband, who was my fiance at the time, had a few pet snakes.  One in particular was really mine.  Her name was Queenie and she was a ball python.

This week, we are introducing ourselves in some fashion.  Next week, we'll bring some food to the party, and share our favorite recipes or food with one another.  Want to link up but aren't sure about the ins and outs of this blog hop?  Then read the FAQs and schedule here.

Ready to link up? We'd love to get to get to know you better!


  1. That is precious..."The Stinkiest Skunk"! Love that.

    My brother was always a big snake person. He mostly had ball phytons. It's amazing how attached we would get to those things!

    It was fun "meeting" you! I'm looking forward to the next several weeks. :)

    1. Nice to meet you as well! I know, snakes use to be so icky to me, and truthfully, some still are...but I will always remember Queenie with affection. She died many years ago, and in fact, we don't have any reptiles in the house anymore. We just have one pooch for a pet.

  2. Snakes, eh? That is a surprise with both you and the Drummer, though I'm not so sure why. As a homeschooling mom, I think you get to be all of those professions...at least if you help with the building of the shed. :)

    That was fun!

    1. Should I mention all the lizards and birds, or perhaps that is too much to share? :-) Yeah, I did miss that opportunity with the shed building, didn't I? I was way too busy taking pictures of the children helping their daddy. Though I did help paint it when it was done, but I don't think that really counts as building it.

  3. AnonymousJune 19, 2012

    I enjoyed reading your list of things you wanted to be! I've never heard of anyone wanting to be a gnome before. I went through wanting to be a movie star. a psychologist, a teacher, and a writer, but through it all I always wanted to be a wife and mom, and that's by far my favorite job. Some of those other things are incorporated into that -- except the movie star part!

    Thanks to you and Annette for starting this!

    1. Definitely being a wife and a mom were always on my list, too - those never changed. Though I never had a plan outlined for either of those. And, yeah, I have to agree most things I wanted to be do get incorporated into those roles, except maybe the gnome...hmmm. I'll have to think on that one. I do like to think perhaps movie star could play a part. There are certainly days when I would like to be glamorous, or have a bit of wealth to share :-)

  4. (That's seriously cool that the links show up on both sites!)

    I'm laughing about your transition from gnome and juvenile corrections officer! That's quite a swing in careers there!!

    Glad to get to know you a bit through these meme.Thanks for co-hosting!

    1. Yes, I have to say, that was not as hard as I thought it would be - inlinkz makes it quite easy, especially for those of us, um me!, who aren't as technologically advanced as say most of the world :-)
      Quite the jump, eh - gnome to juvenile corrections officer, I'm laughing with you. Thanks for joining us!


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