June 12, 2012

Together on Tuesdays - A Summertime Link-Up

Summertime is a great time to host casual dinners, backyard BBQs, and picnics.
Why should our homes on the internet be any different?
This year, Annette and I have decided to host a little internet party of our own.
Every Tuesday, for ten weeks this summer, Annette and I will host a weekly link-up.
Of course, you are invited and we would love for you to join us!
~ Dorie

A couple of FAQs for Together on Tuesdays...

What is it?
Together on Tuesdays is a ten week link-up for women, scheduled for June 19 through August 21.  Each week has a scheduled post theme.  A listing has been provided at the end of this post.

What is the purpose of Together on Tuesdays?
Annette and I wanted to provide a place for other women to fellowship, encourage, and get to know one another during these more relaxed summer months.  We have created themes for each week as conversation starters for our weekly blog party. 
Do I have to link-up every week?
Of course, we would love for you to link-up every week, but we know that is not always possible.  So, join us when you are able.

What is required of participants?
If you would like to participate, then write a post related to that particular week's theme.  Using a past post is fine.  Be sure to include a text link to the link-up.  Once your post is published, visit either This Simple Home or These Grace Filled Days to add your post to the link-up.  Then mix and mingle by visiting other ladies in the link-up. 

Do you have a button?
Not really.  You are welcome to copy and paste the Together on Tuesday picture to your post, but it is not required.  We do ask that each person add a simple text link to their post to make it easier for others to participate.

Together on Tuesdays themes:

Week 1 (June 19): Introduction to self - feel free to be creative! 
Let's try something different than the typical "Hi.  My name is...I've been blogging for...at...  I have a dog, two cats, three hamsters, and one snake.  Make that a dog, two cats, two hamsters, and one snake.  I really should have fed the snake yesterday." kind of post.  These are great and completely fine to write, but haven't we all done one or two of these?  Maybe we could try something different?  Maybe write a top ten list of little known facts about yourself, or tell us about where you grew up, or show us some snapshots from your weekend, or share anything you'd like as an introduction.

Week 2 (June 26): Favorite food or recipe

Week 3 (July 3): Favorite book or film

Week 4 (July 10): Favorite place, perhaps local to you or a favorite vacation spot

Week 5 (July 17): Share your summer plans, activities, and/or traditions

Week 6 (July 24): Tell us about your family, those in your home or extended

Week 7 (July 31): Tell us about where you live, maybe your local area or your home

Week 8 (August 7): Share some fun backyard, or neighborhood, summertime activities

Week 9 (August 14): Tell us about a person who influenced your life

Week 10 (August 21): Share a summer wrap-up or your fall plans

* We reserve the right to delete any links which are not family friendly.


  1. Yay! It's here! (And you were so clear and concise...)

  2. ooh...I LOVE this!! What a great idea - I'd love to link up :)

    And, I hope you'll join in on my new Wed link up :)


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