June 13, 2012

Decreasing Busyness, Increasing Family Fun

When did we become a society of programs and classes?  In today's age, we can schedule our kids and ourselves for a class, program, or seminar every day of the week!   Sometimes, we look back at the olden days and think we have advanced so much.  In some ways, maybe we have.  But it hasn't always been for the better.  Our schedules are certainly more draining.  Even if you don't plan a busy schedule there are other ways that today's lives are more hectic. 

With the technological ability to instantly get ahold of someone, it can be harder than ever to set boundaries and create relaxing moments.  Just yesterday, my mom shared that my father got a phone call for work at 5:10 AM.  Yes, you read that right - a work related phone call at just after five in the morning!  {No, he isn't a doctor or someone who should be receiving phone calls for work at that early in the morning.} 


What's a family to do?

May I suggest:
  • Leave the cell phone in silent mode. Since there are probably only five working pay phones left in the country today, you probably want to have a cell phone for emergencies, but that doesn't mean you have to be tied to it.
  • Seek out opportunities to be together as a family, apart from the busyness promoted by society.  Think back to the activities and fun you enjoyed as a child.  Chances are these 'old fashioned family fun' ideas were, and still are, simple and easy to plan.


What are some great Old Fashioned Family Fun ideas?

Ten 'Old Fashioned Family Fun' activities our family enjoys:

  • picnics
  • a day at the beach
  • a hike through the woods
  • attending a baseball game
  • gathering around a backyard camp fire, making smores
  • camping near a lake
  • playing a game of kickball, soccer, etc
  • road trips
  • watching fireworks
  • going out for ice cream

Five 'Old Fashioned Family Fun' activities we want to try, or do more of:

  • drive in theater
  • breakfast in the park
  • observing the stars
  • Shakespeare in the park
  • going for bicycle rides

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  1. Thanks for linking up with us! What great ideas you posted. I remember really enjoying the drive ins when I was younger. (Also, getting a call at 5:10 is crazy. I hope that is not what things are coming to)
    Amy @ Missional Mama

  2. Thanks for joining--I love your list. We do picnics in the yard even when we've been home all day. There's just something fun about gathering together on an old blanket. We're also lucky here that there are a lot of free summer concerts and we like to go enjoy those together.

  3. What a wonderful post....and a list that I am copying right now...And I can hear the girls groan.. and I know that their groans will be changing to joy very soon.

    I love that hammock pic... frame that!!!!!

  4. Oh, we have a drive-in close by and it is so much more fun than the regular theater (cheaper too!)! Make sure it is a family friendly double header (happens here once maybe twice a season), double check you can bring snacks in (ours lets us) and go for it! It is one of our summer highlights with the kids each year. (just remember that lawnchairs are a great idea, or a mattress in the back of a pick up if you can makes it so much more comfortable).

  5. I grew up going to the drive in and seriously miss it!! I can't wait to bring the girls to the one back home :)

    Would you believe that I used to get the 5am phone calls? Yikes - that seems like an entire world ago!

  6. I also grew up going to the drive-in. Those are some fabulous ideas!

    I think just eating outdoors is enjoyable...though we rarely do it due to the lack of furniture. BUT we have a blanket!

  7. I love just kicking back and enjoying simple, easy, summer fun with the fam! Thanks for some great ideas! Visiting from Family Connections.


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