June 8, 2012

Missed Opportunities

Wrapped in her thoughts, she walks the sidewalk. I exit our front door and watch her walking alone.  By the time I reached our van in the driveway, I see her youngest son, outfitted in a school uniform walking a hundred feet behind his mom.

It is not an uncommon sight.
I've seen it before. 

My neighbor walking, her child to and from his bus stop.  They always walk the same way.  Her face expressing deep thought, and her son trailing behind, shuffling his feet alone.  Twice a day, an opportunity to talk, to interact, to connect is missed between the two of them.

And, I look at my children. 

We have no bus stop to walk to, but we have moments, more than I care to admit, which we miss.  There are opportunities to talk, to interact, to connect which we miss.  But, I don't want to miss them anymore.  So, I pray...

Lord, open my eyes to the choices I make each day.  Help me to seize the opportunities to talk, to interact, to connect with my children.  They grow up all too fast.  The days slip by all too quickly.  Please help me to seize the moments before they are gone.  Amen

~ Dorie


  1. Oh, that breaks this momma's heart. What load does she carry that she can't see her child? Sent a few prayers for them this morning.

  2. I know. I was thinking along the same exact lines.

    Lord, help us love them, listen to them, pray with them. These sweet children, this wonderful husband you've blessed us with. Help us redeem the time with our fast growing families. Help us do whatever it takes. Die to self. Say no to something. Let go.
    So we can embrace YOU and family and other's for you. And let go of stuff, and things that take us away from your calling on our hearts. We need your help! Amen.


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