June 1, 2012

Summertime Plans

This summer, there may be days that I don't turn on our computer.
I may not even check email for a few days in a row.
I may post less than four times a week.


Well, I'll be busy with very important plans.


Well, there are a few things that are a must do this summer.
Perhaps we'll run into one another.

Maybe you will see me at the pool swimming with my children and nieces,
down on the sandy shores of the ocean building a sandcastle or two,
or along the mountain trail climbing to see the best view. 

Possibly, you'll be at the same ball game,
zoo, or public gardens.

Or, perhaps you might catch me outside with the children,
playing a game, riding bikes, or blowing a few bubbles...

Maybe you'll see me working in our garden or tending the flower beds,
but really, there is a better chance you'll see me with a camera in hand.

Then again, near evening time, you might find me
sitting on the front porch with my husband,
rocking in our twin chairs sipping iced tea,

or lounging with a book in our two person hammock,
talking about our best days ever.

As you can see these very important plans just aren't that computer friendly.
However, I'll still be writing and checking in from time to time,
just not as frequently.

There is one day this summer you can count on connecting with me.
That is Tuesdays starting June 19th through August 21.
My friend Annette and I are attempting to host a link-up together.
Personally, I am very excited about this!
We hope to create a space for other women to meet one another,
get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere,
and have a little fun during these summer days.
We are inviting you to join us!

And, now that I've shared that bit of exciting news,
I am off to walk through some marsh lands with our children.
Let the summer fun begin!

May your summer be a time of refreshment and relaxation!
~ Dorie


  1. You'll have a great summer! I should aim to go ONE day without the computer...

    I am so excited for Together on Tuesday's!

  2. What a lovely summer you have planned!!

    The link up sounds like fun - count me in!


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