April 25, 2012

Anxious Anticipation

Quietly, still buds affixed to branches.
Tightly closed, dormant, they appear.
No coaxing quickens, and
I'm still waiting for the blooms to appear.

Anxious anticipation of
freshness and fullness arises.
Hurry, I secretly yell,
Time's awasting away!

Weeks pass, hope wanes.
Until one morn, sun breaks forth
and blossoms burst open.
Spring scents linger and branches fill out.
~ Dorie

The flowers appear on the earth,
The time of singing has come,
And the voice of the turtledove
Is heard in our land.

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  1. Chills girl - I got chills. Lovely words with your photos, but the verse from Song of Solomon gets me every time!

  2. Very beautiful. All things happen in His time. Flowers are a beautiful reminder of the way He brings life from death. Great post!

  3. I loved particularly, "Anxious anticipation of / freshness and fullness arises." Beautiful.

  4. Lilac is one of my favorites. Enjoy its sweet smells while you can!

  5. lovely and so full of life and anticipation as is this time of year...love it...

  6. Spring is my favorite topic, and when you add flowers to the mix it just makes me so happy and hopeful. Thank you for posting this and sharing the excitement of creation! I love that verse too, it compliments your poem and photos so nicely.

  7. This is beautiful. I am always looking for spiritual truths reflected int he world.

  8. until one morn, the sun breaks forth...

    sigh. such a jubilant line... thank you so much for sharing this. bless you.


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