April 23, 2012

Rested and Blessed

~ the pear tree outside my in-laws home ~

Traveling over 800 miles this weekend in a minivan filled with six people and a dog could have left us tired and strained.  Instead, we feel rested and blessed. 

~ my mother-in-law's pansies ~

Several days spent visiting with loved ones was a blessing, indeed.  We caught up with family over delicious food.  We had hours of talking, playing games, and laughing.  My daughters and sons basked in the attention of our relatives and even learned to jump double dutch.

~ my daughters helping their Nana peel potatoes ~

I even found time to read a book I received from Aurie called He Heard Hannah, written by Lynnette Kraft with Courtney Becker.  {Thank you, Aurie!}  The book is a fascinating read intertwining two strangers' lives as only the Lord can.  Though it centers on a tragic loss and I did tear up a few times, the book remains ultimately positive and communicates a beautiful message of the Lord being in control and weaving our lives together for our good and His glory.  Though we may not know everything that happens or why it happens, we are assured of His purpose and His plan for our lives.  

The weekend went too quickly, and yesterday morning, we traveled home again.  We were sad to leave, not knowing when we will spend time together again, but returning home is bliss, and getting back into our family routine is comforting.
~ Dorie

~ our front porch ~



  1. That sounds like a fabulous weekend, Dorie! And the photos are beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed He Heard Hannah. Thanks so much for sharing here on your blog. :)

    If you haven't already, I'd love it if you'd leave a review on Amazon!
    Have a blessed and beautiful day!

  3. sounds lovely...the family, food, fellowship and book!!!


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