November 28, 2011

On Wanting to Quit

The day had been spent gathered with family, giving thanks.  We talked, laughed, and ate our fill on a day celebrating contentment, known as Thanksgiving.

That evening, relaxing at my in-laws home, I hopped on the computer to check email.  Once that was done, I began poking around the web, reading articles and blog posts.  I gravitated toward topics I find interesting and sometimes write about. 

As I read the words of others, I began to feel unnecessary, like what I say or write is not needed.  After all, someone else will eventually say something similar, and say it much better than I could. 

I was not thinking about how amazing it is that God is using so many different people to share His message of grace.  Instead, I was focused on myself.  I was comparing my glaring imperfections with my perceived perfection of others.

Turning off the computer, I sighed and thought, should I quit writing?

Climbing the stairs, I turned the corner.  Immediately, I saw my youngest.  His eyes lit up when he saw me.  He was busy flossing his teeth on his own.  My husband has been teaching him.  At the sight of the two of them, my heart swelled.  And though neither said a word, watching my youngest haphazardly trying to floss his teeth, I learned volumes. 

I knew it didn't really matter.

It didn't really matter how well I wrote it.

What really matters is that I follow Him and His will for my life, whatever that may be in each season of my life.  So, I continue to imperfectly write the words from my heart...
~ Dorie 

811.  choices

812.  imperfect efforts that God blesses

813.  weaving words into sentences

814.  safe travels for holiday travels

815.  hiking among immense boulders

816.  visiting Boston, MA

817.  spending Thanksgiving with family

818.  opportunities and outlets for creativity

...and so it goes...


  1. I felt exactly the same way right after Thanksgiving. It's like the enemy came in to steal..
    Same thoughts. I wondered who I was. If I should write. After all, sometimes I pour my heart out and no one comments..or those other blogs have so many comments.
    It was all about me and my inadequacies and fears. Comparing, fear of man. The devil had a good time convincing me that I really was purposeless and worthless.
    And then God. He showed me the same thing He showed you. We write for him, abide in him, do laundry for him. We count blessings because He gave them. We praise Him, get sleep, get into His word..and we awake again; but filled and not empty. He says we can even live life abundantly.
    Thank you for writing. But if I don't say it; I think it, and many more do. And no's just us. God loves your heart on blank pages. He uses it for food for hungry souls. And He uses it sometimes just to help us understand our own hearts. God bless.

  2. Dorie,
    And what is a blessing is the fact that God has put others in your path that your words ARE a blessing to. And that your words are a gift, a legacy to your family. What a wonderful thing to have a Mama who gives good words.

  3. oh the struggle I think many bloggers deal with...some many gifted bloggers...the enemy wants us to compare ourselves...this is never fruitful...for long as I feel God leading me here...I will stay...if and when this time is done...I will stop...or at least this is my prayer...
    Blessings as you continue one post at a the most important audience...the audience of ONE

  4. Blessings to you, Dorie, for hearing the words of affirmation at just the right time from the right Author.

  5. Don't quit writing - you are such an inspiration to me!!

  6. Your words are beautiful. You are unique and you have a voice to be heard in your writing. Keep going!


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