November 14, 2011

Indecision and Gratitude

When the new calendar was hung early this year, he began to ask, "When will it be my birthday?  How many more months? days?"  We slowly counted down, and he began to plan his fifth birthday party. 

For many days, weeks, months even, we heard how he wanted a turtle cake, turtle decorations, and a turtle gift.  Then two weeks before the big day, he changed his mind.  daily.  First he wanted a theme with cars, then trains, trucks, frogs, snakes...  He just couldn't decide. 

When one week remained until his party, he had to decide.   Preparations needed to be completed.  He didn't choose snakes, frogs, trucks, trains, or cars...not even a turtle theme (though he still wants a pet turtle).  Despite all his enthusiasm for each theme, in the end, he chose dinosaurs. 

And, what a fun theme for a five year old boy's birthday party

In one week, we created dinosaur decorations, planned a dinosaur safari, and prepared a dinosaur egg hunt.  The party was lots of fun, and we all had a great time!
~ Dorie

801.  little boys who like lots of things

802.  dinosaur themed birthday parties

803.  chocolate cake

804.  watching Soul Surfer with our children

805.  observing this cricket with our youngest while our family was playing tennis

806.  filling shoe boxes with gifts for children around the world

807.  children with tender hearts: giving, learning, and growing

808.  seeing an incredible harvest moon while driving home

809.  trying to capture that moon with a camera, and failing

810.  learning some things need to be experienced  in life's ebb and flow, not captured in isolation

...and so it goes...


  1. Wonderful post - and what a FUN birthday party :) Yay that you were able to pull that together in a week's time - wow!!

  2. fun, fun!

    mountain mama


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