September 14, 2011

Digging Dirt

Driving down a side road, my youngest son strikes up a conversation with his young companion.

He poses a question, "What is your house like?" 
"What?  What do you mean?"  The boy is baffled, unsure how to answer.

"Well, my house is blue with a dirt pile in the back."  My son provides an example, using his own house. 

"A dirt pile?"  Clearly his friend is confused.

"Yeah, you know, where you can dig and build stuff."  My son pauses, then continues, "Don't you have a dirt pile?"

"No," his friend slowly says, "we have a pool."

"Oh."  My son is unimpressed and undeterred.  "Well, maybe you can ask your parents for a dirt pile."


Pssst...For those of you interested, I'm over at Growing Your Homeschool today talking about including extended family in our homeschool days.


  1. LOVE it!! Something that Sophie would say as well - doesn't every home have a rock pile, or a dirt pile, or a stone pile??

  2. doesn't get any better than that! we were at a nature study yesterday and two of mine ended up playing in the dirt pile as happy as could be!!!

    love it!

  3. Love it! Aren't boys wonderful? :) (Of course, my girls love playing in the dirt, too.)


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