September 13, 2011

Who Deserves to Go Next?

It was suppose to be a quick trip.  I needed feathers for a science co-op project.  While I was there, I wanted to peruse the fabric selections.

Leaving the fabric section, I headed to the cashier at the front of the store.  A small line had formed behind the one open check out station. 

People ignored the 'wait here for service' sign and crowded the customers paying.  The cashier glancing up, now saw a growing line snaking past a few aisles.  Annoyed people started to hassle the cashier.  She picked up her phone and called for help. 

Minutes passed.  The line grew longer.  It reached the back near the fabric section.  Toes tapped.  Impatience rose.  People sighed.  Silently, I waited among them.  Clutching my one bag of feathers, wondering if the wait was worth it. 

Not being comfortable with people hovering over me when I paid, I didn't want to do it to others.  So, when I reached the 'wait here for service' sign, I stopped.  However, there was still two other people ahead of me, crowding behind the current customer. 

Another cashier opened.  "Next," she called out. 

Trying to get the attention of those in front of me, I say, "Ma'am, there's a register open."  They did not hear.

From behind me, a woman loudly calls out, "They don't deserve to go next!  They weren't waiting where they were suppose to."  She nudges me with her cart, wanting me to move. 

I remain still, trying to comprehend.  Is this seriously happening? 

Ignoring the calls from behind, I try again.  "Excuse me, Ma'am, there is another register open."  It is only fair.  Justice that she be served next.  It was her turn.  This time she hears and hustles over. 

Sighs and grunts echoed behind me.  I hear another utter, "They don't deserve that." 

I want to call out, Who does?  Who deserves to be next?  Who deserves anything? 
Are we not all blessed beyond what we deserve? 
Is that not, in fact, what a blessing is, getting something that we don't deserve?

But I don't.  I remain silent, trying to stand my ground, waiting as another register opens and it is my turn.


  1. you did the right thing! it is so sad sometimes to go out in public.

    i was at a wal-mart express line with the girls. we had to wait about 15 minutes. the man behind me was nothing but grumbles and cussing! honestly, i almost had to turn around and say something. the girls didn't hear thank goodness, i tried to keep them busy. who knows, maybe the Lord was stalling us all so we woul miss a car accident...who knows. relax people! :D

  2. Deserve is such a strong word - do we really deserve anything?? What gives us the right to demand something? Ugh. Situations like that drive me nuts - simply because all of a sudden is seems like everyone deserves to go first.


    Kudos for keeping your cool and letting the person in front of you go first.

  3. oh for the times that we are to be silent and wait upon the Lord. well done! good and faithful servant.


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