August 31, 2011

When It Doesn't Seem to Compare

There are moms at my church with amazing ministries.
One runs our church's children ministry;
another organizes the meal ministry.
A small group of moms run an after school club for public school students;
another regularly lead women Bible studies.
There is a mom who runs, with her husband, a camp for kids who have or have had cancer;
another who routinely preps the Lord's Supper.

Some days I feel small, like my contributions are insignificant...infrequent drops in the bucket...
substituting as a Sunday school teacher, an occasional nursery worker, preparing a meal, chatting with a few children in my neighborhood, setting out or cleaning up chairs before or after a Bible study, attending an occasional fund raiser, gathering used communion cups from the few pews that surround my seat...

but, for now, perhaps these 'small, insignificant feeling' acts of service are exactly what God wants me doing.

He must increase, but I must decrease.  John 3:30 ESV

~ Dorie


  1. I woke this morning thinking that I do so little, and usually grumble about what ever it is that I do... thank you!

  2. I often feel the same way - looking around at what everyone else is doing and feeling so inadequate! But, thankfully I remember that He sees my heart and knows my desire to be a help to Him - and He always seems to bring about ways that I can share my gifts!

    blessings friend!!

  3. And yet you (and I) are still part of the Body, even if we are not doing as much as others. But it is still important, even not the big impact. I agree with Mom of M&M's...I tend to grumble (inwardly at least) at times about the bit I do do.

  4. i understand how you feel. but, all we need is an open heart for God to use and He uses us all differently...and we ALL make a difference!!!!! :)


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