August 30, 2011

When the World Gets Smaller

The world is shrinking.
When I was a child, an eight hour car ride
was to a far away place.
People who lived out of state were
a novelty akin to foreign travelers.
I thought traveling over seas was
only for soldiers at war
or very special occasions.
Now, we regularly travel eight hours
to visit family.
Travel across state and country borders
is common place.

The world is getting smaller.

And yet, as the world shrinks, I find the differences enlarge.
My father always told us children, "People are people no matter where you go and who you meet!"
He said that long before a talking elephant uttered, "A person is a person no matter how small."
We all have the same needs for love, shelter, and food, but we don't all have the same resources.
And we each have different giftings and callings.

This summer, I was blessed to visit with a missionary who was on furlough from Hungary, listen to another couple share about their work in Czech Republic, and help children in Zambia receive shoes.
In less than two months, God brought Hungary, Czech Republic, and Zambia to my doorstep.

The word is getting smaller.

I have been given so much...a heritage of faith, material blessings, and much wealth when compared with the world at large.  The differences feel too great.  I want to share.  Feel the same way?  Want to help?

A few places to possibly check out...
World Vision
Samaritan's Purse
Village of Hope

or perhaps shop here and help make a difference...
Ten Thousand Villages

~ Dorie

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  1. Always inspiring to hear your thoughts, Dorie. Keep looking up. Keep sharing His goodness.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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