August 29, 2011

Starting School Again

It's official.
We have begun.
Our first full week of school wrapped up on Friday.
Both a new schedule and
a new organization of the school room
were completed,
and I do believe it has gone well.
For this, and so much more, I am grateful.

...continuing my gratitude listing...

633.  a good first day of school

634.  excitement of our youngest to start school

635.  daughters positive feed back on their first day of school

636.  a new routine {a real schedule} implemented and received well

637.  recess breaks filled with dirt digging and laughter

638.  new to us books and materials filled with wondrous thoughts and facts to ponder and learn

639.  another mom giving us a science kit

640.  warm words of encouragement and fun conversations with another mom after co-op

641.  a great first class for science co-op

642.  science demos and observations that worked

643.  finding boxes for a science project, for free

644.  learning right alongside my children

645.  new writing opportunities

646.  welcoming and kind women

647.  earthquakes and hurricanes that teach us to trust Him more

648.  a boy's hand healing considerably well

649.  living off grid several times during and after the hurricane {sometimes it is nice to be 'unplugged'}

650.  seeing the first glimpses of blue sky in two days, and then blinding sunshine on our faces

...and so it continues...

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