June 7, 2011

Roses In Bloom

A few weeks ago, I shared about the blessing of these rose bushes and how they were left by the former home owners years ago.  They continue to bloom beautifully despite my personal lack of rose care knowledge. 

Every day since the first blossoms have appeared, I have been taking a few photographs of these beauties.  This week, the blooms are starting to fade away as their 'peak' is declining.  However, today I thought I would celebrate the beauty of the past few weeks and share some of those many photographs I took with an up close photographic journey of our back yard rose garden bushes {2 to be exact} in bloom...

The red roses...
{The vibrant shade is stunning.}

The pink roses...
{These are the ones with the beautiful fragrance.}

Although it is a bit sad to see the roses fade, I am grateful for these past few weeks of beauty.
As I turn about in my yard, I notice the buds of the lilies and daisies rising out of the ground...
and anticipation of two new sets of flowers to enjoy in the coming weeks begins to grow.

May you find time this week to 'stop and smell the roses'!
{Really, who could resist that pun?}


  1. You captured them elegantly!

  2. That light pink/peach is stunning. Just beautiful!

    You inspired me to keep the rose bush by our front proch instead of ripping it out. I pruned it and gave it some "juice" and suddenly we have brilliant dark pink roses! To think I might have missed them.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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