June 8, 2011

iShine Bible - A Review

iShine Bible NLT (Bible Nltse)
In this digital age, some Christians embrace technology, others shun it, and in-between are varying degrees of acceptance.  Somewhere in the mist of these technology opinions are youngsters coming of age who will eventually decide for themselves what part technology will play in their individual lives.  Until that time, parents guide their decisions for 'screen time' and electronical devices.  Why not encourage tweens to use some of that screen time to delve deeper into the Bible or faith issues?

By combining the New Living Translation and internet links, Tyndale House has printed a Bible geared toward tweens.  (The publisher identifies this age group as 7-13 years old.)  With its stylish, leather-like bound cover, this slim, backpack size Bible contains a few digital extras.  Tweens can scan smart phone codes or visit web site links printed within each article.  Three colorful articles discussing value, identity, and purpose are dispersed throughout the Bible.  These articles are simple in design and communicate truths clearly and concisely.  Biblical verses or passages are referenced in each article.  The page number of the exact verse or passage is included with the reference.  I particularly like this attention to detail as some readers may not be overly familiar with the layout of the Bible.

iShine Bible NLT (Bible Nltse)Although the internet features of this Bible are modern, the Bible remains an unaltered NLT version.  There is an introduction featuring information on the Bible in general, Jesus, and faith.  Another section includes individual statements or questions that apply to life.  There are many relevant topics included in this section.  A few are attitudes, cheating, choices, friendship, purity, smoking, and swearing.  The responses include a Bible verse written in full and a short explanation of what the Bible says about each topic.  These are well written, easily understandable, and applicable to tween life.  At the very end, a separate index for topics and verses helps tweens find passages more easily.

There are two versions available: a blue and orange covered Bible geared toward boys and a feminine pink one for girls.  Essentially, the two are identical inside, with the exception of colored article pages that match the cover color schemes and a few featured pictures on the article pages.

Overall, written and marketed for tweens, this Bible can do exactly what it intends to do: reach tweens of today's culture with God's Word.  The Bible is timeless in itself, but seekers of the tween years may be more inclined to enjoy this version with its internet articles and modern style.  In fact, that is what I intend to do with the two we have.  Eventually, they will be offered to a couple of tweens, who are questioning faith issues, as I think the iShine Bible is great for tweens seeking truth.

Thank you to Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for providing me with a complimentary copy of each iShine Bible. 
All opinions expressed are my own.

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