May 10, 2011

An Outdoor Oasis

It is no secret that I would rather be outside than inside on a beautiful spring day.  I find the fresh air and bright skies refreshing.  Often times, while the children are having their afternoon quiet time, I meander out the back door to treasure a few moments alone outside.

If I move one of our chairs from the fire pit to a spot along the fence near a large shade tree, I create my own outdoor oasis.  In this solitary spot, I read, journal, pray, or think. 

Our average looking yard is not large, but a few moments spent gazing at the nearby flowers,

or up at the growing leaves of the tree,

or over to the bird feeder to watch for birds,

offer precious moments to reflect and appreciate the splendor of creation.  More and more, since my husband built the new fence that offers some privacy to our corner lot, I find myself outside, resting in my own back yard oasis. 

Tomorrow, I will share the outdoor space our children have used over the years to rest and refresh.  But for today, do you or your children have an outdoor oasis of your own?  A peaceful place outside where you like to rest and refresh?


  1. I suppose for us it's just getting outside that is important to us...but it's not restful or peaceful. Once in a while we'll sit and watch the farmer out back...but he isn't there too often. THAT is relaxing, though hard work for him and the horses. I desire a seat (not camping chair) outside.

  2. Dorie, the chair looks perfect and the view is pleasant! We have quite a large garden and I have to admit that we work there much more than rest. What a pity, such a precious space. I'm going to get inspired by your post and create a place and most importantly find a time for the whole family to enjoy the scene.

  3. What a beautiful spot, we have neighbors living on all side of our home so not much privacy but I do love setting near our trees and just enjoy the wind in the leaves :-)

  4. What a lovely area for you! I generally sit in our screened porch or on the swing on our front porch :)

  5. I have enjoyed looking at your lovely photos. I, too, love to decorate my small yard with chairs, trunks, bird cages etc. Gives it a victorian, relaxing and vintage feel.


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