May 11, 2011

A Place of Their Own

Yesterday, I shared my own outdoor oasis, a special place I like to relax.  Today, I wanted to share my children's own refreshing area.

As I mentioned yesterday, our yard is not large, but there is enough space for flower and vegetable gardens, a set of laundry lines, a fire pit, and a grassy play area.  With so many uses for one yard, I wanted to be sure to include a place for the children to rest.  They needed a place of their very own to go, quietly sit, and relax.

Many years ago, we were blessed with the gift of this child sized bench.  Over the years it has served our children well as a peaceful place to sit amongst the flowers. 

The oldest two children have grown too big for this bench, but they, like me, can easily create an oasis of their own by moving a chair to a quiet corner, or spreading a blanket in the shade of our tree.  No matter how it is fashioned, a quiet place in the back yard, offers us each a place of refreshment and rest.

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  1. What a lovely area! I can't imagine the day when my girls will sit outside instead of running and running!!)


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