April 5, 2011

The Digital Difference

I wasn't always an avid photographer. 

I didn't purposefully carry my camera about trying to capture the insignificant and the grand. 

In fact, on those rare occasions when I remembered to bring the camera, I would forget to take it out and use it.  Typically, the camera sat in its case untouched.  On the rare occasion when I did remember to take out the camera and click a few photos, I would set the finished film aside.  For months, rolls of film would sit undeveloped. 

Once the rolls of film were developed and brought home, the photographs remained in an envelope for another few months before I would finally put them in our photo albums, or give them to family and friends.

Consequently, we have a spotty photographic record of the past. 

Then, something changed.  We bought a digital camera and I started learning how to use it.  Now, I can see the photograph seconds after I take the picture.  I can delete and try again at whim.  When I am done, I can upload them onto the computer and instantly share them if I want.  And, I am hooked. 

Finding great joy in photography, the children often see me pulling out the camera and snapping a few photographs.  They no longer ask, "Mom, what are you doing?" 

Instead, when they see the black bag appear, they ask "What are you getting a picture of now?" or "Oh, you gonna try to photograph that?"  Followed promptly by, "Can I try that too?" and off they run to gather their cameras.

For they, too, are finding the joy in attempting to capture the moments of life...like mother...like children... 

~  Although I have made great strides in taking the photographs and uploading them, 
I am no better at getting the photographs printed and put into the photo albums. 
Something I will attempt to improve next.


  1. It's so hard to keep up with pictures! It's something that overwhelms me. Good for you in your newfound joy in photography. :)

  2. I think the arrival of the digital cameras made photography fun :) At least for me!

    My awesome hubby was the film photographer, but once I was gifted a digital, I was hooked!

    I'm so glad that you are passing this onto your children - what a fun way for them to view the world around them!

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos, thanks for sharing them with us! I am just like you by the way... I take the pictures, download them onto the computer and that's it! What a job I have ahead of me...


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