January 17, 2014

The Year of Small

Small. Is it really a word to center a year around? That was my thought when 2013 ended. I had prayed about a focus word, theme, or direction for the new year, and this is what I kept coming back to. No grand direction. No dynamic dream of grandeur. Nothing earth shattering or world changing on the large scale. Quite the opposite: small.

While I don't pretend to know how this will play itself out, I've compiled a few thoughts on what a year of small could include...

Single Focus - (singular focus) Multitasking leads to distraction, frustration, impatience, and subpar results for all I try to do at the same time. Having one thing to focus on at a time would help me to do that one thing better.

More Prayer - Praying more specifically and more often can only help my year.

Adjusting - (changing) - Growth happens when situations, mind sets, attitudes, habits, etc. change. This year, I hope this focus allows for more change and pruning for future growth.

Love - We are to be known for love. Not that Hollywood actor portrayed love/lust, but real love. The kind all of mankind recognizes: commitment love, active love, wanting the best for someone else, even to the point of self sacrifice love.

Living and experiencing life to the fullest. Which means being physically, mentally, and emotionally present in the moment, and not wishing it away, or looking forward to the next better thing. Finding joy and contentment in the everyday, mundane tasks may be a challenge, but one to attempt in this year of small.

Twelve months from now, we'll end the year.
How will small play out over the days and weeks?

I do not know.

For now, I am starting small with the first two: Singular focus and more prayer.
Here online that will play out with less postings, and I am removing pages on Facebook for promoting websites. The fact that I never really used them, made it very easy to edit it out of my life. I'll keep Pinterest, because I actually use it for my personal life.

Whatever your focus, word, goal, or resolution for 2014, may this year be the best yet!
~ Dorie

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  1. well said...i"m feeling the same way. focus on what's important. more prayer. more small.


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