May 13, 2013

Theo DVD - God's Truth {A Review}

Videos and audio resources can be a great way for parents to reinforce topics they are already sharing with their children from God's Word. Recently my family was blessed to review Theo Teaching Children God's Word.

The Video
Theo Teaching Children God's Word: God's Truth is divided into three individual lessons. Each lesson stands alone and lasts about 12 minutes. The format of each lesson is the same. The video segment begins with Luther and Belfry, two mice, engaged in an activity like walking through the woods at night without a flashlight. The two eventually encounter Theo, their human friend. Theo explains a truth about God's Word to Luther and Belfry which relates to the mice's current situation.  Theo kindly explains the truth, first by what it is not, and then by what it is using a Bible story. The video segments end with Luther and Belfry applying the truth in some manner.

The Parent's Guide
The video has an accompanying Parent's Guide which directly corresponds to the video. The guide is divided into three segments, one for each lesson. Each segment of the guide is further divided into seven individual lessons/devotions. The primary lesson includes an activity as well as watching the video. It takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the amount of discussion your family does. Then six days of devotions, which often include Bible passages to read and questions to ask, follow. These last about 10-15 minutes in length.

The Website
Theo Teaching Children God's Word also has a website which offers information about the series, creator, and characters. There is also free coloring pages, puzzles, apps, and a short 5 minute video explaining salvation to children.

A Parent's Thoughts
The video we watched included lessons 11, 12, and 13. These lessons were predominately application of God's Word in the Christian's life. The concept that you need God's grace, salvation through belief in Christ's work, and the Holy Spirit to do any of these actions was barely, if at all, mentioned in these three lessons. If you are hoping to use these three lessons as stand alone topics, I would urge caution. The child may walk away feeling as though it were he who is doing the work, and not God completing the work of sanctification. However, if your child is saved and you have thoroughly grounded them in these important salvation truths, then these lessons will offer you some material resources to help teach your child. Though I have not seen the entire series of lessons, it is my hope that the first few lessons create this vital foundation before proceeding to how to live out the Christian life. Otherwise, we leave children with a sense of their own achievement and not God's enabling work within them.

The parent's guide is easy to use and implement. The verses chosen are applicable to the lesson. You will need your Bible to read aloud the passages. (On a side note, I appreciated this. So often publishers 'help' by printing the Bible text within the devotional. However, it is important to use your Bible and show your children God's Word while using a devotional. It helps them understand where the truth is found.) The daily devotions are supportive of each primary lesson. By the end of the week, your child will have a firm grasp on the principles of the lesson

The Children's Thoughts
As this is a children's video and devotional, I watched and read with my children. My two oldest children, who initially thought that perhaps the videos were too young for them, found humor in the mice's actions and conversations. Upon completing the lessons, these two children determined that children who were 6-10 years of age, would most appreciate and learn from these lessons. My two youngest children, who remarkably happen to fall in that particular age range, enjoyed the lessons. One claimed the lessons were "great."

Bottom Line
The lessons and accompanying devotionals are engaging. During the video, children will be interested in the mice and their problems. They will listen and learn as Theo explains Biblical concepts which the mice later try to implement. Additionally, the accompanying guide will offer you as a parent a starting point for discussions to develop and build upon each lesson.

If you are looking for a video resource to help instill Biblical truths, then check out Theo Teaching Children God's Word.
~ Dorie

A copy of the video and its accompanying Parent's Guide was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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