May 8, 2013

Why Every Day Is Mother's Day


Precious Children of Mine,

My parents always told me I could do anything I wanted when I grew up. I could be anything I wanted. It was up to me.

Not knowing any better about skills, talents, and opportunities, I believed them. To some extent, they were right. I really could have done any number of great things with my life.

The beauty of it all, was I got to choose.

Today, as Mother's Day approaches, my dear children, I want you to know...

I could have chose to do anything. I could have chose to work out of the home. I could have chose to send you to school. I could have chose much differently, but I am ever so glad that I chose to follow God's will for my life and be home with you day in and day out.

Truthfully, there are hard days. It isn't always sunshine and flowers. However, even in the midst of them, I will always be grateful I chose to be with you.

I wouldn't trade these days, these years, for anything. They slip by too quickly to take for granted.

You are busily preparing little cards and mementos to tell me 'Happy Mother's Day.' You might even pick out a present or flowers. And, I will cherish each thoughtful expression.

However, on this Mother's Day, I want you to know you are my gifts, sent right from our Heavenly Father. Your father working hard to enable me to stay home with you, this, too, is a gift. I know it is one that many moms who want to, never receive.

Ever day is Mother's Day. It is a gift to be opened slowly over the minutes and hours of the day. And, each day I am able to be with you is more precious than the last. I am blessed to be your mom.



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