January 2, 2013

13 Things About Me

It's preposterous, I know. Incredible that I should be talking about myself on my blog. Perhaps even vain? But, here goes anyway...

13 Possibly New-to-You Things About Me in 2013
  1. I'm not much of a conversationalist. Oh, I've learned over the years to do better with starting and maintaining conversations, but there is room for improvement.
  2. I hardly ever wear make-up. When I do, it is usually just a little face powder.
  3. Dogs are better than cats, or so I think. Though I do particularly like a cat which kills mice and presents them to you each morning on the sidewalk for praise.
  4. I wanted to be a foreign missionary.
  5. During school, I learned to write with both my right and left hands. This was not taught to me. I learned on my own. Obviously, I wasn't too interested in the teacher's lecture, but I still made good use of my time.
  6. I burn grilled cheese sandwiches.
  7. I already have one of my children's bedrooms scouted out as a future art studio. The lighting is amazing in that room!
  8. My husband travels more than I like (or he likes for that matter). Growing up, I always said I would never marry a man who travels for his work. {Never say never, we all know how that goes!}
  9. I'm a very private person. Odd, I know, I blog.
  10. Though I like homemade goodies, I still use pancake and brownie mixes.
  11. I don't take medicine unless I really need it, which means I haven't had an antibiotic in over a dozen years.
  12. My husband and I work with the junior high youth group. We love that age group!
  13. Peppermint scented candles are my favorite during the winter months. (I have a scent preference for each season.)

Do you have any of these in common?
~ Dorie

1 comment:

  1. That was fun! I don't wear a lot of make up...and most days none. Maybe The Drummer and Derek can commiserate about grilled cheese together. I think it drives Derek crazy! I also prefer homemade but use pancake and brownie mixes. Though I keep trying pancake recipes...drives the husband crazy since he likes Bisquick.

    I think your balance of privacy and openness is good on the blog. You have plenty to share and write about...just not your personal life so much. Yet, you still make it personal.

    Fun list!


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