December 31, 2012

Three Benefits to Being Ill at Christmastime

Junior year in college, I had mono over Thanksgiving.
Lovely, eh?

This year, I had the flu about two weeks prior to Christmas.
At least, I'm pretty sure it was the flu.

As my body fought whatever ailed it, I was slightly all out miserable. {Apologies to all who know me, especially if I shared my germs.}

Today, as I am feeling much better, and more like myself, I began to think about the benefits to being sick during Christmastime.

  1. Jeans fit a little looser - I should note here this is not a recommended or even a desirable diet plan, but it does qualify as a benefit.
  2. Ample restWhen was the last time I could say that?
  3. Being part of the one percent in this video. We watched it as part of our Christmas Eve service. Later, I excitedly shared with my husband, "I was part of the one percent!" However, I must confess to it having more to do with my being ill then any choices I made. 

"Breathe Deep"

His grace is sufficient,*
~ Dorie

* II Corinthians 12:9

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  1. I'm so sorry that you were ill - I think so many people had some sickness this year! I'm so glad that you are better, well rested, your jeans are a little loose, and that you were part of that 1%!


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