November 27, 2012

Finding the Perfect Gift

Their lists are small.
One only has five items on it.
With extended family asking for gift ideas, every item is checked.
None remain.
We rack our brains,
Would he like this?
How about that?
In the end, we settle on a pair of athletic pants, a game, and a set of books.
It totals three gifts.
Three is our number.
We give each child three gifts on Christmas morning.
It is our way of sharing a bit of the Christmas story with our children in a tangible way.
This year, we categorized the gifts into an article of clothing, a game or toy, and a set of books. 
Perhaps they won't be the prefect gifts.
We aren't aiming for perfection.
We simply wanted to give them something to wear,
something to play, and something to help them grow.
After all, the perfect gift was already given.

The Perfect Gift is...

purchased not with money, but given by sacrifice,
delivered not in a brown package, but fluid and blood,
wrapped not in ribbons and bows, but cloth,
laid not under a tree, but in a manger,
given not just to one, but all.

The Perfect Gift, Jesus.

Amongst the selecting, wrapping, and giving of this season,
may we each keep our focus on Him, The Perfect Gift.
~ Dorie

*Though I cannot find any poem similar to what I wrote, I feel as though I have read something similar, long ago.

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  1. It is a lovely poem, sweet friend and such truth. He was the perfect gift and continues to be.


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