November 28, 2012

Activity Ideas to Accompany Christmas Books

Sometimes a good children's book lends itself well to an accompanying activity. Such is the case with these three Christmas books.

1. The Pine Tree Parable

A pine cone ornament, like the one pictured above, or a pine cone bird feeder are fun to make before or after a reading of The Pine Tree Parable, by Liz Curtis Higgs.

2. The Legend of the Candy Cane

Creating candy cane ornaments or making peppermint bark candy easily ties into The Legend of the Candy Cane, by Lori Walburg.

3. The Tiny Star

A painted and glittered wooden star ornament or edible star shaped sugar cookies can be made while younger listeners hear The Tiny Star, by Arthur Ginolfi.

These are a few of my favorite book and activity ideas for the Christmas season. What are your favorite activities or crafts to accompany a Christmas book?
~ Dorie

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