August 6, 2012

Together on Tuesdays - Week 8

Welcome back for another week of Together on Tuesdays! Today, we are sharing about some fun backyard, or neighborhood, summertime activities. 

Our home is situated on a corner lot, with two cul-de-sacs close by.  The development is large, but this area of it feels like its own little neighborhood of homes. 

Over the years, we have gotten to know quite a few of our neighbors. Though people tend to keep to themselves, there is still a sense of community. Our children have shoveled snow for our elderly neighbors. My husband has helped our neighbors with house projects and even a boat repair (though we don't have one ourselves). I have babysat, hosted play groups, provided transportation to VBS, and handed out Bibles. Probably more importantly, we've prayed for our neighbors' prayer requests. On the other hand, when our neighbors have extras to share, they do! We have received, among other things, twenty pounds of ground meat {seriously, twenty pounds}, usable girl clothing for our daughters, and a weed whacker. More importantly, we have been blessed with a sense of belonging in a neighborhood community.

Even though we are on good terms with most of our neighbors {There's always one, isn't there?}, we do enjoy a bit of private outdoor space.  To create privacy in an area where 8 houses can see your backyard, the Drummer built a privacy fence.  It does nothing to help block second floor, curious onlookers, but it offers the sense of privacy we desire on occasion.  Select plantings, trees, and a newly built shed help offset the most intent onlookers.

Some of our favorite backyard summertime activities are croquet, roasting marshmallows on the fire pit, gardening, reading/resting in the hammock, eating dinner or dessert on the patio, playing with the children, and throwing a ball for Moe, our dog.
~ Dorie

{Next Week: Tell us about a person who influenced your life}

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  1. That sounds like a lovely sense of community! The gray/white shed is very sharp! is my link.

  2. I didn't do this one at first because, with the kids grown and a smaller backyard, we haven't done much out there in a while. But afterward some fun backyard memories came to mind. I posted them today here:

    We are in a subdivision now, but a row of trees across the back gives us some privacy. That's essential to me. We looked at some where there were several back yards that met together, separated by chain-link fences, but in view of everyone else. I don't think i could handle that.

    I love your sense of community there. I've met my neighbors but don't know them well.


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