August 2, 2012

I Write at Red Lights

As a photographer, my eye often frames a scene with an angle or perspective that I would photograph something.  It doesn't matter the subject.  I might squint one eye and honker down without a camera in my hand.  I may comment to my husband, "I'd like to photograph that tree from here."  Sometimes, I return with the camera, and sometimes I do not. 

As a writer, my mind does something similar.  I find myself forming thoughts into sentences and paragraphs in odd places.  I may fashion a stanza while at a red light, or maybe inspiration hits while dinner cooks.  The subject isn't always important.  I may reach for a piece of paper and scribble down a note or I may not.  {Definitely not while driving!}  Sometimes, I return to these partially formed paragraphs and write more, and sometimes I do not. 

Either way, whether I return to snap a photograph, or do not, whether I find paper to write words, or I do not, I feel no regret.  For I treasure the creative process, no matter how far a perspective or thought may be processed.
~ Dorie


  1. Your title totally grabbed me! Your creative process is similar to mine, except that I never think to actually write things down!!

  2. I love that there is no regret...either way! Your writing and photos demonstrate your well-thought out creativity!


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