July 23, 2012

Together on Tuesdays - Week 6

Welcome back for another week of Together on Tuesdays!  Today, we are sharing about our families, immediate or extended.  It is an open ended question which one can interpret anyway they like.  Really, all the topics are, which is something I really enjoy about link-ups.  Each person adds a bit of their own interpretation to the theme.  Which means sometimes I do something a bit different then the expected response as well.  I wrote this post a month or more ago, but when Annette and I set the themes for this link-up, I decided to save this post for today. 

{Since this post is just about our children and does not include my husband, I'd like to include a link to one introducing him.  He is my better half!  So, if you'd like to learn a little about him, click here.  I should also mention our pooch.  We have a whippet.  If you'd like to read a post about my dog, click here.}


My Childhood verses Their Childhood

I went to a public school.
My children have never been to a school, not even preschool.

I rode a school bus for 45 minutes each way.
My children have never been on a bus.

I lived near woods and farmland.
My children have lived in neighborhoods.

I never walked on a sidewalk unless we visited the city.
My children have a sidewalk right in front of our house.

I wore no helmet to ride a bike or skates.
My children have always worn a helmet.

I never paid for the fruit I picked. It was always a relatives tree or bush we picked from.
My children have only picked fruit at orchards.

I went to church sporadically growing up, but Sunday was always a day of rest.
My children know no other way to spend a Sunday then worshiping the Lord.

~ Dorie

Next Week: Share about your home, or the area where you live

Today, if you have a post about your family, that you would like to share just add a text link to either This Simple Home or These Grace Filled Days, and then enter your post to the link-up below. Be sure to link your post and not your home page. This makes it much easier to find your post for the link-up.

Ready to link up? We'd love to get to get to know you better during these relaxing summer months.


  1. Oh, Dorie! This was awesome! What a clever take on family!

  2. This is lovely - what a creative post!


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