March 14, 2012

How Our Daughters Can Be Living a Life of Giving Now

To say life is busy is to notice the sky is blue.  Hardly anyone bats an eye at a full schedule.  It is expected.  Even children have busy schedules in today's society, but as parents, we make the time to teach them and pray for them.  We teach our children about God, how to live, and how to treat others.  Then, each and every day, we pray for them. 

As parents of both boys and girls, my husband and I are blessed to train our sons and daughters for their future roles.  The journey is not always easy, nor convenient, but the Lord is always faithfully directing our steps.

As we go about teaching and praying for our daughters to love their families, be keepers of their homes, and to properly care for themselves, let us not neglect the vital area of ministry. Everyone has someone they can serve outside of the home, even our daughters, and it can be very simple to incorporate serving others into her every day schedule. 

Today, I am sharing some simple ways our daughters can learn to serve others at Praying
Proverbs 31.


  1. thanks for the connection.. I am off to read...

    Love ya!

  2. Dorie,
    Wonderfully encouraging post! Thank you!


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